Tuesday, 6 March 2012

Difference Between DLL and EXE in .NET || Dynamic Link Library in .NET || .EXE in .NET

a) In shortcut .exe is an executable file & DLL (Dynamic Link Library) is not an executable file.
b) DLL is an in-process server while exe is a out-process server it means DLL works within the thread of application, while exe works after creating its own thread.

c) If DLL fails the application became fail if exe fails DLL doesn't fail because it's not work within the thread of application but the part of the exe could not work properly.
d) An EXE is visible to the system as a regular Win32 executable. Its entry point refers to a small loader, which initializes the .NET runtime and tells it to load and execute the assembly contained in the EXE. A DLL is visible to the system as a Win32 DLL but most likely without any entry points. The .NET runtime stores information about the contained assembly in its own header.

1) It has versioning
2) It is not self executable
3) It runs in application process memory
4) It has no entry point
5) It is reusable
6) Out Process Server

1) It is self executable
2) it has no versioning
3) It runs in own memory
4) It has main function (Entry point)
5) It is self executable
6) In Process Server

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