Monday, 26 December 2011

Software Development Life Cycle(SWDLC)

Software Development Life Cycle(SWDLC)

Introduction : -

 A software Development life cycle (SWDLC) is an abstract representation of gradual development and evolution of the software the undergoes a series of sequential or concurrent step of the software development process. Each of these steps in the development of a software product which may be either a minor oe major component of the software system in contribution to the completion of the system.
The software development  life cycle consist of following steps.

Requirement analysis--> Design-->Coding-->Module level testing--> 

Integration and system testing-->Delivery, Implementation and maintenance

1. Requirement analysis : -
    This step is the first and primary step of software development life cycle which analyzes the requirement of the software. It is performed after the feasibility study has been done. The requirement term in this concern can be understood as : -

 * A condition or capability needed bya customer to solve a problem,and.
 * A condition or capability that must be met by a system, software, document, manual,report etc.

Design : -

This step is devided into two level designing named as, preliminary designing level design and detailed design or low level design.

preliminary design concern the brief overview of the software architecture and structure rather than goes into the details of the modules in detail in the detailed design. As the result of this step, it produces the software design specification(SDS) SDS is built to have.

 * A software architecture in the layered  sequential layout
 * Data structure, algorithms,control structure
 * The interfaces required for the software, and,
 * The satisfaction that requirements have been met in the design.

Coding : -

This is the phase that produces the actual code that will be delivered to the customer as the operational product. To develop the code, a specific programming language is chosen either through its features or directly specified  by the customer.

Module level Testing : -

Individual developed modules are tested here. It is also called as the unit testing. The testing is performed for each of the module separately.

Integration and system designing : -

All the modules are collected and integrated appropriately with each other. Interface are provided among them, and then the whole system is tested fully.

Delivery, implementation and maintenance : -

Once the complete system is tested then that system is delivered to the customer who will implement it on its organization site. After delivery, any modification or changes can be made to help in maintenance.

This is the complete software development life cycle. This is the basic general  process which is followed to develop each software product.